Why VW?

by Admin on October 23, 2015

Why VW

Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to driving a vehicle that is powerful to bring you the performance you require, it is important to ensure that you are driving a vehicle that is as committed to fuel efficiency. Volkswagen, German-engineered engines make the most of everything, especially when it comes to fuel. The eco-friendly engine choices include the Hybrid Drive, TDI, TSI, FSI, DSG and the 4Motion. The Hybrid Drive offers the best of both worlds with fuel efficiency and power coming hand in hand without compromise. Drive with either the electric motor or the gasoline engine, or a combination of both, thanks to the intelligent design of the engine, which knows the combination to bring the most power and efficiency. TDI is Volkswagen’s clean diesel engine, with technology that works to draw in fresh air and compress it quickly enough to cause a super-heated cylinder where a fine mist of fuel can be sprayed to cause an engine-propelling explosion. TSI works to bring driving pleasure through the power of direct fuel injection with a turbocharger for increased fuel efficiency. FSI delivers outstanding performance through fuel that is injected straight into the combustion chamber for more efficiency and greater power output all with less fuel. Control comes through with the DSG, which provides remarkable efficiency through a dual-clutch design with two drive shafts. The 4Motion permanent all-wheel drive system offers an electronic control system that knows exactly when to increase power for a reliable traction and a stable ride. Overall, the fuel efficiency being offered comes with choices, all which save you money at the pump but do not compromise on power.



Safety matters and with Volkswagen you are given the second opinion of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In 2013, they awarded nine Volkswagen vehicles as a Top Safety Pick. All Volkswagen models also come with an Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS), which is designed to activate in the case of a collision that deploys the airbags, to unlock the doors, disable the fuel pump and turn on the hazard lights. With the dynamic cornering lights, the Volkswagens Bi-Xenon headlights feature motors that swivel the headlight to follow the steering angle. The result is responsive visibility which allows you to see twists coming up in the road for a more focused ride. The brake assist systems work together to ensure that you stop every time you need to. Anti-locking Brakes (ABS) use speed sensors to monitor wheel spin and prevent wheel lockup during sudden stops. The technology of Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) works with ABS to increase the braking power of your vehicle. HBA ensures that you come to a complete stop in situations where you do not press the brakes all the way. Combined, these safety features are one of the reasons why Volkswagen is changing the game.



When driving a new car, you should be able to trust the structure was built with quality and value. This is one of the reasons why Volkswagen uses laser welding technology to build their cars. Laser welding is a form of welding, unlike spot-welding, which uses ultra-thin beams of light to create bodywork seams that are continuous. The result is a more precise and strong structure of quality. The comprehensive warranty being offered by Volkswagen ensures that all defects are repaired, cost free, and provides you with four years or 80,000km of new car warranty and 12 years of rust perforation warranty.

Thank Blue

Think Blue

The Think Blue Initiative is a philosophy which promotes eco-conscious and efficient vehicles that go above being just “green” by committing to educating people on fuel-efficient driving habits, leading sustainable projects to improve the planet and ensuring that the vehicles are ridiculously fine to drive. BlueMotion Technologies work to make driving your car cleaner and more economical and are inclusive of all VW products, technologies, and innovations that promote Blue Thinking.

Family holding keys to their new car at the dealer

Staff Family

Volkswagen dealerships work through a commitment to finding you the right vehicle with no pressure, that is why they do not sell based on commission, placing the focus on customer service. With an open and upfront pricing display, and a selling system designed to bring customer satisfaction over any sale, you can trust that the dealership is there for you. Volkswagen employees are grounded and well informed when it comes to their vehicles, offering you an award-winning array of vehicles, sold by an award-winning group of people who believe in the vehicles they sell and work together as a team to help you find the perfect fit. The family-oriented workplace makes your customer experience like no other, as the team works together to ensure you leave satisfied. Experience the uniqueness of Volkswagen for yourself when you visit South Centre VW. Trust your local Calgary Volkswagen Dealer – South Centre VW for your next new car.

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South Centre VW

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