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by Admin on March 13, 2013

The undercoating option is the application of a tar-like substance that is sprayed while the car is on a hoist to cover all the metallic areas on the underside of the vehicle.This is great for country and gravel/dirt driving-it decreases noise and protects from the rocks and dirt damage. Rock scrapes easily turn to rust in the winter months.

Normally we take care of this application during your needs assessment when you meet with me and my partner in finance.

For example, let’s say you’re in computer repair, we would recommend tinted windows for security of your car’s contents. We look at all your driving and life habits to determine what services best fit your needs.

The less blemishes and damage your vehicle has, the higher the resell value, whether it be a private or dealership trade in the future. Come to South Centre Volkswagen and protect your investment.

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South Centre VW

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