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by Admin on March 13, 2013

Shanna Leonty, the finance manager at South Centre Volkswagen discusses the option here referred to as Smart Wear.  It’s great for customers who are particular about their car condition, especially those who are leasing.You can go through either Volkswagen or the Smart Program. These make the most sense for leasing customers, but are also very helpful for long term customers looking to protect their investment.These programs save a lot of money for leasing customers. During the life of your lease, and at the end; you won’t have to pay for rip, tears, burns; alloy wheel scuffs, rock chips, dings, scrapes, or even lost keys. Enrollment in these programs means a fix, repair, or replace when needed.

If you ask anyone, they would say they care about the way their car looks. What have you done to protect your car’s interior and exterior? Think of the damage other cars, children, wayward grocery store carts, road salt, birds and more can cause. It’s important you educate yourself on these two options and protect your lease or increase the resell value of your vehicle.

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