Reduce the number of rock chips on your windshield with Diamond Fusion

by Admin on March 13, 2013

Diamond Fusion is amazing. I have personally used this on all four of my Volkswagen, and I will continue to use it because it’s an outstanding product and saves me hundreds a year. Also, it’s so easy to put on and upkeep.

Diamond Fusions is a liquid that adheres to the windshield and fills any gaps and grooves that are present on a microscopic level. The next coat, a sealant, also makes it so you barely have to use the windshield wipers when raining and strengthens your glass.

The Diamond Fusion treatment has a five year warranty. If you get a rock chip, it is fixed for free for five years. If you need a new windshield, it’s replaced for only $50. New windshields are usually $400-$1,000 depending on the car! We are the only certified provider of this product in Alberta.

Come visit us at South Centre Volkswagen to learn more today!

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South Centre VW

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