Protect Your Car with 3M Film

by Admin on March 13, 2013

3M film is a thin material that appears to be a very large sticker. We adhere this to the hood of your vehicle, 24″ up. We cover up that high as, due to the slope of our hoods, this is where the majority of rock chip damages occur. The 3M cover protects your investment and paint job. We also go down the sides of the fenders, where rocks also hit.

We cover headlights and fog lights, which reduces fogging and pitting that occur over time. We cover the backs of mirrors, as they stick out and collect debris damage.

The 3M cover will keep the vehicle appearance in its best possible shape, especially black, red, blue, and grey cars where rock chips leave white marks. The marks are an eye sore, but can also cause rusting during the winter months.

Average wear and tear repair would take much more time and money, with repainting, than to protect your finish in the first place with 3M. Not to mention, this also helps bring up the resell value of your car

So many of our customers and staff benefit from our 3M application. In buying a car, you have invested in a very expensive machine, so why not get a 3M custom cut applied to your vehicle? Our work is guaranteed and done professionally, that’s why we have hired professional 3M installers who work right here at the dealership.

We hope to see you soon at South Centre Volkswagen.

Sales Team

South Centre VW

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