Matt Delbeke

Meet Matt: Sales Professional at South Centre VW

My name is Matt Delbeke; Sales Consultant here at South Centre Volkswagen.

I have 25 years of VW knowledge, and that’s usually a good start. I think I’m a fairly personable person, and some people don’t understand the accent, but I get away with that. Some love the accent, so generally I’ll say I’m a fair guy, I have a lot of knowledge and experience.

I enjoy what I do and hope that comes across not pushy just a regular guy who loves what he does. I love my job because it’s obviously a people job, cars and people. Two favourite things in life.

I get to meet great people. Generally, Volkswagen people in the main are awesome. The cars themselves are great fun to play with. I get to do that everyday of my life. I also get to work with a lot of nice people as well within the building here, so we’re a very close team, it’s good fun.

So once again my name is Matt Delbeke from South Centre Volkswagen. Come on down and see me and I loved to share my knowledge with you.

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