Kyle Buckle

Meet Kyle: Sales Professional at South Centre VW

I’m Kyle Buckle, Sales Professional from South Centre Volkswagen.

What I love about my job is talking to new customers. You get all different types whether they’re older, younger, all different kinds of situations. Finding the right cars for them to get into and just the spontaneity and the high energy that it can be.

What you can experience with me is a relaxed energy I don’t like to pressure people obviously it’s a big purchase, so you’ll come in I’ll try to get you a coffee, make you at ease and then have some fun with it. It should be an enjoyable experience.

Customers should come to South Centre Volkswagen simply just for the customer service aspect of things. Obviously, there are lots of websites you can go on and check out reviews, things like that. I highly recommend people do that and it’s just whether your parts, service, or sales, it’s just a nice place to come and depending on where you’re at I personally think it’s worth the drive.

Once again my name is Kyle from South Centre Volkswagen. Come on in, and I’ll help you get into your new car.

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