Alice Barbier

Meet Alice: Service Manager at South Centre VW.

I like to think we are unique because we get to know our customers. When they walk in the door and we know their names it helps them feel more at home and welcomed.

When I was an advisor and then because service manager my phone number changed. I had people phoning the dealership asking “Where did she go? I have her on speed dial.” There are many advisors now who have that report with the customers. They know the shift that these advisors work and they come in to see them.
The number one thing is the initial greeting of the customers, so that they do feel welcomed. It is important that they know they are going to be looked after. Making sure that we as a dealership are working as a team is important.

We went state of the art when we built the dealership. I went to a lot of other dealerships to find out what worked and what didn’t work. It is nice having everything piped in. Technology helps a great deal. Volkswagen is very committed to their training. Everyone has their own scan tools in their bay so that no one is standing around waiting.

We now have two master technicians in the back shop, and another one will join them once he has finished his course. It takes most of them 10-15 years to become a master technician so that is a big achievement. Volkswagen acknowledges them with a nice ring. Even when a customer comes in with a warranty that has just ended, the check engine light is on we will call Volkswagen and say “they have been a loyal customer their warranty just ended will you help them out.” 95% of the time they do help.

If people feel comfortable with where they bought the car and they trust you they will come back. Trust is the most important part.

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