Alex Strid

Meet Alex: Sales Professional at South Centre VW

I’m Alex Strid, Sales and Leasing Consultant at South Centre Volkswagen.

What I like about the job is I get to meet a ton of new people, I’m a big car fan at heart, so I get to talk about cars all day which is great for me. Just seeing the excitement in people’s eyes when they get on the road and the test drives and stuff.

When you come in and do business with me, you’re going to experience a few things. You’re going to notice that I’m fairly straightforward, honest, I don’t want to do a smoke show or anything like that. I’m also very attentive I want to listen to your needs, what you want in a vehicle, what you might not want in a vehicle and I want to you know work with you to help you narrow it down to what the best choice for you would be.

I definitely see the car business as a career, love to spend a few more years in sales get a little bit more experience with the industry as well as with the different personality types there are out there and yet definitely want to move on to maybe a management position within the dealership at some point in time.

I am Alex Strid at South Centre Volkswagen. Come on in I’d love to help you out!

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