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by Admin on August 28, 2014

New Volkswagen BeetleWhen it comes to a Calgary summer, the weather is anything but predictable. Luckily, Volkswagen has designed a lineup loaded with advanced safety features. VW owners can breathe a sigh of relief on the road, with peace of mind that their vehicle equipped to keep both driver and passengers safe.

Redefining the industry’s standard for safety, Volkswagen offers advanced protection with driver-assist technologies. For instance, the advanced anti-lock brakes are equipped with Brake Assist, which monitors an array of features to increase braking power in accordance to panicked braking patterns. In conjunction with this is Brake Force Distribution for increased stability.

Volkswagen also offers its Electronic Stabilization Programme (ESP). Every Volkswagen is equipped with Electronic Stability Control. This safety feature was designed to prevent dangerous skids, being recognized by the industry as a life-saving technology. In conjunction with this, Electronic Stabilization Programme works to monitor your vehicle’s behaviour in comparison to driver’s steering direction and wheel factors. Proven as the biggest asset in preventing accidents, Electronic Stabilization Programme combined with good driving and proper tires can save your life!

In the case of an accident, Volkswagen’s Intelligent Crash Response System kicks in once airbags have been deployed. Volkswagen’s signature system works to make sure uninjured occupants can exit the vehicle, as well as accessible to emergency personnel, by unlocking all the doors. It will also automatically turn on your interior lights, making it easier for both occupants to escape the vehicle and emergency personnel to attend to the situation. On top of that, it will disable the fuel pump to avoid any further movement by the vehicle, plus eliminating risk of fire.

On top of these incredible safety features, Volkswagen offers many preventative features. These features include steering-wheel-mounted controls, voice-activated features and Bluetooth technology, plus the incredible Xenon lighting system, which work together to increase driver alertness for overall collision prevention.

If you wish to learn more about these incredible safety features, visit South Centre VW today.

Craig Shostak
South Centre VW

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