Car Care Tips: Why Choose OEM Parts

by Admin on September 16, 2014


A new vehicle is one of the single biggest investments you can make. After all, your car is your baby, and we get that. We understand that when it comes to getting work done on it, that you want the best. Factory trained technicians work with OEM parts, and understand the many complications that arise with your vehicle.At South Centre VW we are equipped with OEM parts for your Volkswagen.

There are many benefits to using OEM parts.

1. Quality

Since these parts come from the manufacturer, they are designed to last. Many companies make similar parts, however they are made for a wide array of vehicles – not specifically tuned to yours.

2. Selection

South Centre VW offers the exact part you need to fix your vehicle. There’s no reason to flip through a catalogue or order online, hoping you found the part you need. The service department has you covered, and can not only diagnose the problem with ease, they have been trained to fix it with parts designed for your vehicle. If the part is not in stock, they can also order it in.

3. Warranty

When you opt for parts made outside of your manufacturer’s catalogue, you risk voiding your warranty. OEM parts also work to secure your warranty coverage. After all, these are manufacturer made and thereby will not void your warranty.


Trained to troubleshoot any problem with your Volkswagen, the staff at South Centre VW can get your vehicle back on the road using OEM parts.

Craig Shostak
South Centre VW

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