Already Working on the Next Two Million

by Admin on May 30, 2015

Already Working on the Next Two Million | South Centre Volkswagen

In 1952, Volkswagen Canada brought 8 Beetle cars to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, in our first year in Canada 94 units were sold and Beetle-mania was catching on in Canada.

During the 1970’s, the Volkswagen Golf had similar success to the Beetle arriving in Canada, and eventually more great VW models made its way across the pond to our great country. Recently at the end of April 2015, we hit a special milestone in selling a brand-new Tiguan; making it two million Volkswagens sold in Canada. That’s a lot of Golf’s, Jetta’s, Passat’s, and of course, Beetle’s!

Volkswagen Canada along with South Centre VW would like to thank you if you have ever purchased a Volkswagen automobile, and we also would like to let you know we are already working on and looking forward to every one of the next two million!

Sales Team
South Centre VW

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Back February 26, 2016 at 7:01 pm

Jazmine, here are my wife and my experience with the New Beetle. I aussme you are asking abt. the 1998 and newer ones.Our NB was a durable, fun to drive car. Our only complaint was that we sold it. {family grew and we needed a 4 door ; so we bought a Jetta, also a great car.}I have seen on this site that some ppl have had problems with the NB. But I know at least 4 ppl that have owned a NB for many years. They all love them. One owns a red convertible.So my advice to you would be to take someone knowlegeable with you when looking. There are some ppl that abuse their cars and then foist them on an unsuspecting buyer.Then take it to a VW mechanic for an inspection. Most of the time they can tell if a car is good or not.IMO get a Used Certified NB from a VW dealer. It will come with a factory warranty just in case


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